How To Buy A Quality Engagement Ring Online

Purchasing an engagement ring online can help you save a lot of money, especially diamond engagement rings. Buying online can save you up to 40% as compared to buying from a retail store.

However, most people are afraid of purchasing their engagement rings online as they fear that the ring could be a fake or even stolen during delivery. Some people also cannot buy something that they have not seen and touched. But you do not have to fear if you are buying from a reputable jeweler. Buying a ring online is safe only if you buy your ring from a trusted jeweler like James Allen and the Blue Nile. You should buy from a trusted jeweler because:

-Trusted Jewelers will always ship your diamond ring together with a certificate from gemologist ascertaining its authenticity. Sites that sell fake diamond rings do not offer this certificate. Regardless of the jeweler, it is always advisable that you take your diamond to an unaffiliated jeweler who can give you an appraisal that is independent.yhuyuh

-As you are shipping diamonds, you ship via UPS and FedEx with tracking services, a required signature, and insurance. Therefore, if your diamond gets stolen, you won’t lose any money. Theft is, however, unlikely with companies like the Blue Nile that have never lost a diamond in fifteen years of them selling diamond rings online.

-Reputable jewelers do not question returns by clients; this is part of their policies. You will also not pay for shipping of the return. The only amount that you will pay is the difference in the costs of the rings.

Below are the basics of how to purchase an engagement ring online:

1. Budget

There is no limit to the amount of money that you can spend on your diamond engagement ring. The more you spend the better, since the worth of the ring is the worth you are placing on your future wife. However, do not spend more than you can afford to avoid getting into debts even before the marriage has begun. You should also not compromise too much and buy a fake. You can still buy an invaluable engagement ring which is not a diamond for an affordable price.

2. Ring Style

It is important to determine the style of ring that your girlfriend likes. Does she want a multi-stone or a single stone? Does she like round or square? Does she like white gold or yellow gold band?

3. Size Of The Diamond (Weight Of The Karat)

Depending on your budget, you can then determine the karat that you can afford. Moreover, you also need to determine the clarity and color of the diamond. A small diamond with high-grade color, good cut, and high clarity is better than a big diamond with dull color.

4. Buy A Loose Diamond

vgfbyIn the case that you need a custom setting, then it is advisable that you buy a loose diamond online. This will allow you to make specifications to your engagement ring at a cost. However, you will have saved a ton of money by just buying online.

Therefore, buy your ring online and make up to 40% savings, and get a room for choosing from a variety of designs that can fall within your budget. Hence, the above four steps will guide you on how to purchase a quality engagement ring online.…